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Ahoy ye Gallavanters!

Dues Letter 

The Gallavant Council is working hard for preparations for our 2022 return to the playa.   Gallavant became self sufficient for the Renegade burn and although we will not be providing camp with toilets, we will be bringing our showers with shower water for all camp mates.  Additionally, we will be purchasing a new flatbed trailer to replace Arrmie, for much safer travel for our fuel on and off playa.  We are thrilled to finally show the new bell tent for our Pirates Den, it was a hit at the Renegade burn!

As most of you are aware, the vast majority of the necessary capital for our $12,500 annual budget is generated by the dues paid by our BM campmate-members and the Gallavanters who are unable to join us in BRC but make annual contributions just the same. Thanks to you all!  Gallavant is an INVITE ONLY camp - Please only pay dues after you have gone thru our acculturation and/or have received an official invitation​.

We have big plans and little money at the moment, so…

  • We’re asking our fellow Gallavanters to get your $150 dues paid as soon as possible.

  • Dues will increase to $200 if paid after April 30th thru June 30th.

  • Dues will increase to $250 if paid after July 1st.

  • All dues received are considered donations to the camp and hence non-refundable (special consideration for unique circumstances).

  • Our Booty Mistress Cass has volunteered to manage payment plans for any Gallavanters who would so desire. To discuss this option further, contact Cass directly at, on FB at Cassandra Sparks, or at 775-527-1287.

Dues should be sent to the Booty Mistress via PayPal to If you make your payment via PayPal, make sure to mark it as "Sending Money to Friends & Family" so you're not charged a fee. You can also mail checks payable to: Captain Gallivant, LLC, contact the Booty Mistress for the address.


The restructuring of the dues payment schedule has enabled us to better manage the camps expenses throughout the year and we appreciate your help.


Be sure and keep an eye out for communication from Wench Michelle on FB and by email regarding work parties, Work Access Passes (WAP/early arrival) and other relevant information regarding our 2022 adventure! Michelle can be contacted at, on FB at Michelle McHardy, or at 775-722-9914. We’ll limit the number of BRC campmates to 100-120 and we’re looking forward to having another outstanding crew of Pirates, Wenches, Seadogs and Shark Bait! 

The Gallavant Council

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