Admiral of Gallavant

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Gallavant Vice Admiral

This is a story of a person that didn't know he was destined to become a pirate. Burning since 2001, I became associated with Gallavant in 2005. After a year of hard work on the USS Nevada (art car pirate ship), was promoted to the position of Captain Morgan by Admiral Steve. After 2 years of being 'Captain Morgan', Captain Ron pulled a highlander move and stated "There can only be one Captain!". During a battlefield promotion and much ceremony in our very own ArrghBar, was promoted to the position of "Vice Admiral Morgan". Now am I not only in charge of making sure the USS Nevada is functional and decorated for Burning Man, but is also put in charge of all of the vices of the camp!

Seaman 1st Class

I’ve had the good fortune, along with my Playa-mate Wench Michelle, to be a member of Gallavant since 2008. Our introduction to this eclectic group of individuals was at work parties where we were initially befriended by (then) Captain Morgan, Mr. Pig and Commander Kevin. We spent those first visits working on the USS Nevada and as I got to know her crew and Admiral Steve, and learn about the “philosophy” of Gallavant, I knew these are folks we should be hanging out with! As a result, the adventures have been many, the friendships cherished and the future unlimited. I’m honored to have the opportunity to sit on the Council, serve as a crewman of our ship, and assist (now) Vice Admiral Morgan in any way that I can (and yes, there are definitive limits). I can be contacted at

Comunications Officer

I’ve been a burner and core member of Gallavant since 2008, and along with my partner Seaman Scott, we’ve had a truly amazing adventure over the last decade. My first year on the Playa: the furniture trailer had jumped off the hitch, so Scott took our truck (and everyone else in camp) to go and try and retrieve it. There I was, a virgin, sitting for hours by a lone trailer, out in the middle of f*cking nowhere! It was then that I asked the question that every burner does at some time or another, “Was this really a good idea?” It was, they returned, I survived. As with all of our Wenches, I’m proud of my title and (usually) enjoy the contributions I’m able to make to our camp. As a Council Member and the Communication Officer for Gallavant, I manage the emails you receive (please open them!), FB posts and I’m currently working on archiving the website ( Please feel free to contact me if you have anything to contribute to the historical record of our camp! I can be contacted at


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Andre Allec born July 5, 1965 in Reno Nevada. Graduated from Fernley High School in 1983. 6 years in the US Marine Corps. Honorable discharge 1988. Married July 1, 1995 to beautiful wife  Debra Allec. Father to four children. Grandfather to nine, and one great grandchild. 

Veteran citizen of Black Rock City, Nv.  since 2007. 
Active contributing member of Gallavant since 2015

Interests: Art, music, most outdoors activities

Catch and release fly fishing
Fly tying. 

Mistress of Finance

Hi, my name is Cassandra Sparks and I am a lover of lists, sci-fi, books, spray paint and hot glue.  
I was born and raised in Southern California and moved to the Reno area in my early twenties.  While the initial culture shock was severe, I have grown to love this town. 

As a child, I dreamt of being a world famous singer, but as I cannot carry a tune, I followed my love of lists to a career in Accounting and Inventory Management.  I still do daily singing performances in my car and for my dogs so you don’t have to feel sad for me.  
I have been with Gallavant since 2011.  Through this camp, I have met so many wonderful, loving, wild and wacky humans that I never would have met otherwise.  I cannot express how much I value all the diverse ideas and new friendships I have gained while being part of this amazing group.

Mutant Vehicle Officer

Gallavants resident Alien.  Alien has been with Gallavant for nearly 10 years and is a member of the Camp Council. She produces the Gallavant Survival Guide, assigns the jobs on the Work Board and is the camp’s liaison with the Department of Mutant Vehicles (a Department that she volunteers for, inspecting mutant vehicles for their licenses - a very fun job!) Alien’s default world job is working for the State of Nevada, but she is a Burner year round!

Officer of Rum

St. Peter “The Rumrunner”-  St. Peter has been a burner for over a decade.    He hails out of Reno and has been in Nevada for over 36 years.  St. Peter came to Gallavant through Lenny Camp on his first burn and has never left.  In the second year at camp, a distilling buddy made 4 quarts of rum for Gallavant.  From there the idea came to make our own “Black Spot Rum” for camp, which evolved to where we are today.  Gallavant, now with our benefactor rum maker, distills approximately 60 gallon each year to supply the needs of the Arrrgh Bar.    Come to camp and ask to meet St. Peter “ The Rummerrunner”,  maybe we can do a shot of rum together.

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