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Gallavant was first registered as a Theme Camp at Burning Man in 2002 to harbor the Pirates Of The Playa and their Mutant Vehicle, the USS Nevada.  Gallavant is also the home of the ARRGH Bar and our famous rum drink, "Seaman" which is crafted with our privately distilled RUM!

The Crew

Gallavant pirates number each year between 100-150, traveling in from all over the United States and the world! E-mail Wench M, Communications Officer if you are interested in joining our crew.  Click here for our camp dues letter.

The Ship

The USS Nevada, our pirate ship, tours the playa day and night during the Burning Man festival.  If you see us docked, come by for a ride!

Arrgh Bar & Pirates Den

The Arrgh bar is easy to find, but hard to leave.  "Belly up to the bar and say ARRGH!"  Ask for a glass of our famous "seaman" or "sunrise", rum cocktails.  Chill out in the shaded pirates den  filled with couches and loveseats!

More info about us click here for our Virgin Newsletter

Update April 6, 2022 - Gallavant has NO tickets available at this time.  Think you want to camp with Gallavant?  Contact our camp acculturation officer, Jestage.

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